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 NOW AVAILABLE!                                                           RICHARD GREENE'S NEW 'BLUEGRASS BOOK'.

Hot off the presses: Richard Greene has just completed and made available his long awaited 'Bluegrass Book', a compendium of his unique scale systems which is specifically devised to improve and perfect intonation, develop left hand strength and bow control. Each of the 12 keys contains very melodic examples of bluegrass/new acoustic stylings composed of typical one or two bar idiomatic phrases, in other words: Great Licks! The book also contains many bonuses: Shuffle bowings, a catalogue of Bluegrass double stops, and more. Price: $21


Check Out This Recent Book Which Includes A Free CD! Richard Greene's exact transcriptions of all his violin solos recorded with Bill Monroe & The Bluegrass Boys, circa 1966-67, PLUS assorted transcriptions of his live 1966 Grand Ole Opry solos with The Bluegrass Boys, also contains Simplified Basic Vocal Melodies and chord charts for all the tunes. Price includes free CD containing all this material.

Also check out the Wolves A' Howlin' book containing all of the exact transcriptions, bowings, and chord charts for all of the violin solos from his album, Wolves A' Howlin'. Plus the Grass Is Greener book has updated. Visit the store for more information.

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